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One of the main areas of dispute in estate preparation is with agree with marriages. Here is a distrust I received. I've altered the facts about so that I am not benevolent definite legal advice.


My dad, age 87, is being paid married soon so that his new wife will be eligible for community collateral remuneration on his earnings. In his alive trust he had made preparations for me, my sister, and his lady friend. What changes for us, his kids, when he marries this lady? What do we need to know?

Wow, what a predicament.

My first consequence is to ask if his priest was incoming into a marital bargain (a pre-nuptial agreement, or pre-nup) ahead of the marriage. What a pre-nuptial bargain will allow is for his member of the clergy to be adamant be in command of over the use and disposition of his estate.

Without a pre-nuptial agreement, the laws of their state about marital chattels will control.

What this means is that if his minister dies after he re-marries and fails to adapt his estate plan, his new wife may collect legal claims or reimbursement from the father's estate (each state is different, so it is decisive to collect local advice).

Another area of affect is what happens if the member of the clergy re-marries and then the wife becomes incompetent? By in receipt of married, the priest has opened up his net worth to the health claims and needs of his new wife.

When I was in committed custom and was consulted by a widowed client who hunted to re-marry, I reviewed the rules about long term healthiness (nursing home rules and costs) with him. I showed him what he would be answerable for if they were to re-marry. I'd say 8 out of 10 citizens I saw and went over this with certain not to re-marry after culture the rules. They categorical to "live in sin. "

Another area of dispute I often saw was when the re-marrying blood relation sought to adjust his or her estate plan to give for the new spouse. This caused a lot of hard feelings. The kids often felt that they were free to the estate of the first close relative to die and that it be supposed to not be held for the new spouse.

By on condition that for the new spouse, the re-marrying blood relation is putting his family in a arrangement where they are before you for their "step-parent" to die ahead of being paid what they felt is duly theirs.

So, think twice beforehand re-marrying in your later years. Consult with competent legal counsel and consider, at a least using a pre-nuptial agreement. Bear in mind the blow the new matrimony will have on your revocable active trust and whether any changes are desired to your estate plan for Medicaid or estate tax reasons.

Phil Craig is a approved attorney and entreprenuer. He on track enthusiastic law at age 25 in 1979. He does not take on any more clients, but is advisor to some of the main names in the internet world. He shares his comprehension gained over the last 25 years at his Existing Trust Secrets newsletter site: click here=========>http://www. LivingTrustSecrets. com

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