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If you've all the time dreamed of airborne in a helicopter, Las Vegas helicopter weddings are your attempt to incorporate that dream into your wedding plans. You may think of your helicopter as mere transportation, captivating you from one locality in and about Las Vegas to a new or you may plan your full wedding confidential the helicopter while you are up in the air, or on the way to the scene of your choice.

Imagine fleeting over the desert, as Lake Las Vegas below you as you whisk by on your way to the Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam or anywhere your dreams and your finances take you. Some couples have been known to use helicopters to carrying their complete wedding parties from the scene of the advantage to the reception. Others have booked confidential flights to "consummate" their matrimony diplomatically while airborne above the strip or the lake or other locations.

Whatever you want to see, where you want to go and doesn't matter what you want to do on a helicopter, it can be prearranged in Las Vegas. Your Las Vegas Helicopter Wedding can even be recorded on video while you're brief over the strip so you'll have a dear remembrance to take home with you. They'll even comprise extra guests onboard to join in on the assistance with you at no extra charge! Only in Las Vegas could amazing like this be obtainable at rates that make it an exciting yet inexpensive adventure to begin your new married life together.

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