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A wedding is one of life's major rites of passage. It is certainly a bit to celebrate! Today, wedding books and magazines promote large weddings so that more and more wedding goods can be sold. Wedding expenditures run into many thousands of dollars. And after this major expenditure of money, most of what is purchased is never used again.

On the Bounce Equinox 2004, my ex-husband (yes, that's right! my ex-husband!) Larry and I remarried. We had been together for approximately seventeen years, and had broken up several years ago when our association tribulations seemed impossible to resolve. But we still loved each other, so we figured out what to do to make belongings better, and are now happier than ever.

In forecast our wedding, we hunted to keep it simple, small, and full of meaning. We sought a ceremony and celebration that would be easy to get ready for and manage. We sought an intimate occasion, surrounded by our contiguous links who would participate with us in the intent of our union. And as we considered our wedding, we used the same guidelines for health and the atmosphere that we apply in our daily home life.

Since most books and articles are about forecast big weddings, I want to offer some tips on development a further sort of wedding that can be exquisite and carrying great weight in it's own way.

* Make it your day. Each wedding can and ought to be a exclusive expression of the connect receiving married. So construct the day just the way you want it, to entertain the two of you.

* Decide on the wedding traditions that are critical to you. When it comes right down to it, the basics of a wedding are the two ancestors to be married, the minister or acceptability of the peace who performs the ceremony, the ceremony itself, and the guests who witness it. The lot else is award and tradition. Learn about wedding traditions and elect to do those that will make your day special.

* Write your own ceremony. The full aim for having a wedding, really, is the ceremony. The most crucial bearing of a wedding is not the decorations, but the vows and intentions that are avowed in the ceremony and that you give to each other. Examine the time-honored patterns to wedding ceremonies and adhere to this archetype in your own personal way.

* Attract carrying great weight guests. When you have a small amount of guests, you can spend more time with them and actually experience their presence. Least is just the two of you, the minister, and a witness. Attract children and contacts with whom you have real relationships. Eliminate those that might be invited out of communal obligation.

* Have your wedding at home, both inside or in your garden, or in a park. Instead than costs a lot of money on floral arrangements, we put that money into tidying up our back yard and planting lasting vegetation that we are still enjoying today.

Looking back on our wedding day, we are very contented with our simple, small wedding. We were able to relax and enjoy the day and come across the love and assist of our best friends. Best of all, we still had energy left for the honeymoon. . .

For many more minutiae on development your simple, small, green wedding (including choosing flowers, rings, clothing and reciption, and photos of Debra's wedding), visit http://www. debraslist. com/wedding, and click on "You are invited to. . . My Simple, Small, Green Wedding". Debra is also available as a consultant to help you plan your wedding.

Hailed as "The Queen of Green" by the New York Times, Debra Lynn Dadd has been a consumer advocate for crop and lifestyle choices that are advance for physical condition and the environment since 1982. Visit her website for 100s of links to 1000s of nontoxic, actual and earthwise products, and to sign up for her free email newsletters. http://www. dld123. com


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