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THE sunshine had come out to guarantee the wedding of footballer Benji and his wife-to-be Sabine had the achieve backdrop.

For the month beforehand the excitement had been increasing along with the players and supporters of St Cernin de l'Herm, a village in the south west of France, as the day came ever closer.

We had by now been out for a meal and made the bride and groom walk about the restaurant even as drinking a banana - with no hands.

A large poster of the team consider had been on paper and each one had signed it and in print a good luck message.

So by Saturday morning the junction of the small crossroads in Frayssinet-le-Gélet was busy with colonize before you for Benji and Sabine to walk by.

In France many wedding ceremonies will take place in the village Mairie and then move on to the local house of worship for a blessing.

And we were lucky that the two buildings were close by so that a short chain because of the village could take place.

As we waited contacts allotment out cuttings from roses and other underbrush crosswise the pavement on the route the bride and groom would take to the church.

This is meant to bring the duo good luck and fate and in other areas of France neighbours will lay down sheaves of corn.

Then the instant indoors as the fasten stood at the top of the steps exterior the Mairie and gradually made their way to the church, escorted by their parents.

Traffic came to a fester as the demonstration of guests followed after and walked the 150 meters to the church.

In the hours of daylight sunshine citizens at a snail's pace made their way into the cathedral heavy up the pews and captivating up positions in the aisle for the attempt to take a picture.

Once all and sundry was inside, and we must have numbered 200 or more, the bride and groom leisurely made their way all through the church.

Camera flashes lit up the dark entranceway as the fasten made their way along the aisle; the organist played a tune that delicately overflowing the church.

The priest opened the blessing with a short passage from the bible and then Sabine walked up to the microphone to cede a short speech.

She thanked the many associates that had bowed up to see the bride and groom and that it had been an incredible day.

Then the priest delivered a short prayer and a musical intermission with saxophone and accordion was played.

The ceremony of the casual of the rings was undertaken with the assistance of the son of Sabine and Benji.

He approved the rings up to the alter of the place of worship in a small, padded heart shaped bag and approved them to the priest.

The duo spoke a few words and positioned the rings on each other's fingers as the cameras again flashed a whirred.

Everyone then began to make their way out of the house of worship ahead of you for the bride and groom to stand beyond the house of worship for some more photographs.

But the players of St Cernin had one more trick up their shirts as we donned our kit and singled out up a football each.

We made a guard of honour exterior the minster and held a ball high over the guests as they made their way out into the village square.

But it was Benji and Sabine who each one was behind you for.

People approved about rice and confetti before you for them to leave the place of worship and run under the footballs, as they did the place exploded.

The place of worship bell tolled and rice cascaded down on our heads layer the players and the newly married duo from head to toe.

Then it was time for more photographs, car horns sounding and the brood throwing rice and confetti at each other.

As the day drifted into late hours of daylight it was time for a small aperitif and a few nibbles in the foundation of the Mairie.

Watching the sun bit by bit slide after the house of worship tower as the carousing moved on into the night.

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